The Time to Sign Up in Phase 2 is Now!

If you are in phase 2 of our Loma Linda expansion, now is the time to get signed up! This will prevent you from being forced to pay an extra fee to have our service installed! To avoid this fee, we are trying to get as many people as possible signed up before February 9th!

If you want to sign up or have questions, please call our office at (855) 806-7325 and we would be more than happy to assist you!

Spike to be Changed to Paramount Network

The popular channel Spike will be changed to the Paramount Network. This change will take place on January 18, 2018.

Paramount Network is a general entertainment destination focused on delivering bold, original, premium-quality scripted, non-scripted network series, specials and events. Inspired by over a century of cinematic story telling the Paramount Network is where today’s brightest stars bring big screen storytelling expertise to every screen with stories that are immersive, inclusive, and deeply personal.

Chiller Network to be Taken Off-Air

The horror-based Chiller Network will be going dark at the end of 2017. This change is coming from their parent company NBC Universal, citing multiple reasons for dropping the channel. There is no immediate replacement for the network at this time. Optic is also currently working to add Hallmark Drama to the channel lineup in the near future.

Optic Communications continues work with Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas

Optic Communications is constantly working to have the best network for our customers. We greatly enjoy seeing what our customers are able to accomplish with our network. Optic is proud to continue working with Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas and to see their growth with our services.

Optic Brings Voice Control, Netflix to Optic HUB

Optic Communications is announcing the next-generation of its Optic HUB product, bringing Amazon Alexa voice control and Netflix to the cable TV environment. The new product is launching on November 15th to all current HUB subscribers. Optic will be among the first pay TV providers in the U.S. to offer Alexa support.

In addition to new features, the update is bringing an all-new user interface. The new design is modern and easier for subscribers to navigate to find their favorite content on HUB.

“We often focus on our fiber-optic network, but our organization is innovating from top to bottom. We’re very proud to be among the first companies to offer Alexa voice control,” said Optic Marketing Manager Nick Saporito.

After the update, HUB subscribers will be able to pair it to their existing Amazon Alexa devices. Once paired, Alexa will control HUB through voice controls. Changing the channel, finding a specific movie and other tasks can then be controlled without a remote.

“HUB subscribers will now be able to find their content through voice control, HUB’s existing mobile application, or with the traditional remote,” added Saporito.

Launched earlier this summer, Optic HUB is the company’s premium cable TV product. HUB converges traditional cable TV with subscriber’s favorite online content, such as Pandora, YouTube and now Netflix all into one user experience.

Customers interested in subscribing to Optic HUB should contact us today!

Optic Launches New Fiber Registration System!

Constructing a world-class fiber network is a difficult process that has many steps to it. At Optic, we strive to as transparent as possible with this process. To aid in our transparency, we are launching a new fiber registration system that was custom-built for Optic Communications. With our new system, those that have expressed interest or have signed up for service will be able to check for updates during the process in real-time. Each individual user will be able to tell exactly where they are in the process and what still needs to take place! We hope that this system will improve the understanding of the process of constructing a fiber network.

In the coming weeks the new system will be automated so that updates are available as soon as they happen. Customers wanting a brief explanation of each step in the construction process can hover over the process for a description and estimated time to completion.


Optic Expands Network Due To Pittsburg Growth

Optic Communications is announcing further expansion of its fiber-optic network in Pittsburg. The latest growth will enable the company to provide service to small businesses in areas of Pittsburg for the first time. Optic’s network growth comes largely credited to a robust Pittsburg economy and success of the company’s already-installed network.

The first area to receive small business services from Optic will be along North Broadway from 23rd Street north to Atkinson. Businesses along both sides of Broadway will be able to hook up to the gigabit fiber-optic network.

“When we originally announced the Pittsburg network, we said we were going to focus on large enterprise customers. Our success in that area has directly caused us to expand our services to small businesses now,” stated Optic Marketing Manager Nick Saporito.

Optic began operating in Pittsburg in 2015 with a multimillion dollar investment into its Crawford County network. The investment has yielded a geographically-redundant network that has specialized in custom services for Pittsburg’s large businesses.

This expansion will be one of two major expansions for Optic. The company is concurrently expanding to Loma Linda, Missouri; its first Missouri market. Optic will continue to grow following the demand for the best service in the area.

Last Call! Galena/Riverton Fiber Install Cost Going Increasing

If you live in areas of Galena and Riverton, KS in which Optic already has service: the time to sign up is NOW! On July 17, 2017 we will be increasing our residential fiber installation charge from $100 to $250 in these areas. Many of these areas have had service from Optic for over two years now and as we move on to new projects it is more costly to come back and install additional fiber services.

Please click here to verify if your address is serviceable by Optic today. If so, be sure to sign up by 7/17/17 to take advantage of the $100 fiber installation charge. All blue and purple areas on the map are currently $100 residential install. They will all go to $250 on the 17th.

Why is Optic increasing the installation charge? 

As we move on to new projects that are further from these areas, it is more challenging to mobilize construction assets back to existing areas. Many of these areas have had the option of getting services from Optic for over two years now. 

What if I’m under contract with my current Internet/TV provider? 

No problem! You may go ahead and pay the $100 fiber install charge to get a fiber-optic line buried to your house, then sign up for services from us later at no additional cost. 

What about locations outside of these areas? 

Any new areas we turn up in Galena or Riverton, KS in the future will always start out with a $100 fiber install charge. 

Why should I get fiber to my home? 

In addition to having faster, more reliable services, having a fiber-optic cable to your home increases the value of your home by an average of 3%

What if my home already has a fiber drop from Optic? 

Great! The installation charge only applies to homes that do NOT have an Optic fiber drop. If you already have one, there are no additional installation fees.