Optic Brings Voice Control, Netflix to Optic HUB

Optic Communications is announcing the next-generation of its Optic HUB product, bringing Amazon Alexa voice control and Netflix to the cable TV environment. The new product is launching on November 15th to all current HUB subscribers. Optic will be among the first pay TV providers in the U.S. to offer Alexa support.

In addition to new features, the update is bringing an all-new user interface. The new design is modern and easier for subscribers to navigate to find their favorite content on HUB.

“We often focus on our fiber-optic network, but our organization is innovating from top to bottom. We’re very proud to be among the first companies to offer Alexa voice control,” said Optic Marketing Manager Nick Saporito.

After the update, HUB subscribers will be able to pair it to their existing Amazon Alexa devices. Once paired, Alexa will control HUB through voice controls. Changing the channel, finding a specific movie and other tasks can then be controlled without a remote.

“HUB subscribers will now be able to find their content through voice control, HUB’s existing mobile application, or with the traditional remote,” added Saporito.

Launched earlier this summer, Optic HUB is the company’s premium cable TV product. HUB converges traditional cable TV with subscriber’s favorite online content, such as Pandora, YouTube and now Netflix all into one user experience.

Customers interested in subscribing to Optic HUB should contact us today!

Optic Launches New Fiber Registration System!

Constructing a world-class fiber network is a difficult process that has many steps to it. At Optic, we strive to as transparent as possible with this process. To aid in our transparency, we are launching a new fiber registration system that was custom-built for Optic Communications. With our new system, those that have expressed interest or have signed up for service will be able to check for updates during the process in real-time. Each individual user will be able to tell exactly where they are in the process and what still needs to take place! We hope that this system will improve the understanding of the process of constructing a fiber network.

In the coming weeks the new system will be automated so that updates are available as soon as they happen. Customers wanting a brief explanation of each step in the construction process can hover over the process for a description and estimated time to completion.


Optic Expands Network Due To Pittsburg Growth

Optic Communications is announcing further expansion of its fiber-optic network in Pittsburg. The latest growth will enable the company to provide service to small businesses in areas of Pittsburg for the first time. Optic’s network growth comes largely credited to a robust Pittsburg economy and success of the company’s already-installed network.

The first area to receive small business services from Optic will be along North Broadway from 23rd Street north to Atkinson. Businesses along both sides of Broadway will be able to hook up to the gigabit fiber-optic network.

“When we originally announced the Pittsburg network, we said we were going to focus on large enterprise customers. Our success in that area has directly caused us to expand our services to small businesses now,” stated Optic Marketing Manager Nick Saporito.

Optic began operating in Pittsburg in 2015 with a multimillion dollar investment into its Crawford County network. The investment has yielded a geographically-redundant network that has specialized in custom services for Pittsburg’s large businesses.

This expansion will be one of two major expansions for Optic. The company is concurrently expanding to Loma Linda, Missouri; its first Missouri market. Optic will continue to grow following the demand for the best service in the area.

Last Call! Galena/Riverton Fiber Install Cost Going Increasing

If you live in areas of Galena and Riverton, KS in which Optic already has service: the time to sign up is NOW! On July 17, 2017 we will be increasing our residential fiber installation charge from $100 to $250 in these areas. Many of these areas have had service from Optic for over two years now and as we move on to new projects it is more costly to come back and install additional fiber services.

Please click here to verify if your address is serviceable by Optic today. If so, be sure to sign up by 7/17/17 to take advantage of the $100 fiber installation charge. All blue and purple areas on the map are currently $100 residential install. They will all go to $250 on the 17th.

Why is Optic increasing the installation charge? 

As we move on to new projects that are further from these areas, it is more challenging to mobilize construction assets back to existing areas. Many of these areas have had the option of getting services from Optic for over two years now. 

What if I’m under contract with my current Internet/TV provider? 

No problem! You may go ahead and pay the $100 fiber install charge to get a fiber-optic line buried to your house, then sign up for services from us later at no additional cost. 

What about locations outside of these areas? 

Any new areas we turn up in Galena or Riverton, KS in the future will always start out with a $100 fiber install charge. 

Why should I get fiber to my home? 

In addition to having faster, more reliable services, having a fiber-optic cable to your home increases the value of your home by an average of 3%

What if my home already has a fiber drop from Optic? 

Great! The installation charge only applies to homes that do NOT have an Optic fiber drop. If you already have one, there are no additional installation fees. 


More HD Channels Added

AMC (channel 37), Golf Channel (channel 73) , and E! (channel 35) will be moving to high definition (HD) the night of June 12, 2017.  This update will also remove Universal HD as part of a nationwide drop of that channel by NBC Universal. This update is scheduled to begin at 10:00 pm tonight and should wrap up early tomorrow morning! We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and we hope you enjoy your new high definition channels! You may view the most current channel guide here.

Managed Wi-Fi offered through Optic Communications!

Tired of constantly worrying about your home Wi-Fi? Optic Communications now offers managed Wi-Fi services for residential customers! If you don’t want to deal will maintenance and  never ending updates, this the program for you. Optic will take care of all software updates and maintenance of your new Gigacenter router. For only $6 a month (or only $2 if you already have Gigabit), you can have commercial-grade wireless internet throughout your home! Our router is the top router than we tested, and we tested a whole lot of them, for the highest Wi-Fi speed. We highly recommend this service to anyone that already has Gigabit as most routers can’t handle the incredibly fast speeds we offer. Having the Gigacenter router can also make you a better neighbor! Regular routers interfere with each other and slow everything down, but when you and your neighbors all have our routers there is no interference! You will receive the same great service that you deserve!


  • Bring industry-grade wireless Internet to your home
  • All software updates and maintenance performed by Optic, saving you extra work!
  • No hassle – the router is our problem
  • Forget your Wi-Fi password? We can reset it for you
  • We’ve tested dozens of routers…this one offers the highest Wi-Fi speeds
  • Control your router with the NetValet app

Contact us today to add Managed Wi-Fi

Optic Crosses State Line, Expands Riverton Network

Optic Communications is launching one of its largest expansions ever, including crossing the state line with its fiber-optic network. The Columbus, Kansas based company will be expanding its gigabit fiber-optic network to the community of Loma Linda, Missouri as well as its existing network in the Riverton, Kansas area. Combined, the two projects will put fiber-optic cables in front of nearly 500 more homes.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Loma Linda serve as our first market in Southwest Missouri. It will enable residents to work from home, have additional entertainment options and bring world-class services to their community,” stated Optic General Manager Trish Carroll.

The 100-percent fiber network will enable Optic to provide Loma Linda residents gigabit Internet and high-quality cable TV services over a strand of glass that’s thinner than a human hair. Optic has been deploying gigabit service throughout Southeast Kansas since 2014, but has yet to cross the state line. Loma Linda currently has very limited options when it comes to broadband internet service.

Construction of the company’s Missouri network is scheduled to begin in June 2017 with an estimated one-year construction time. At its conclusion, nearly all 400 premises in the Loma Linda zip code will be offered fiber services.

Despite bringing on an additional market, Optic is also starting the largest expansion of its Cherokee County Kansas network since 2014. The expansion just north of Riverton, Kansas will provide service to nearly 100 additional residents. This construction project is already underway and will be complete this summer.

“Continuing to invest in our existing markets is very important to us. Riverton has consistently shown a need for our services and we’re happy to keep meeting those needs with this expansion,” added Carroll.

Optic currently operates its all-fiber network in select areas of Baxter Springs, Columbus, Frontenac, Galena, Pittsburg and Riverton, Kansas. In under three years, the company has installed over 150 miles of fiber-optic cables.



Optic Expands Galena Residential Network


Galena, Kansas – Fiber-optic internet provider Optic Communications today announced an expansion of its residential network in Galena. Certain Galena residents in the Southeast part of the city will now be able to sign up for fiber-optic services. With the expansion, the company’s buried fiber network will be in front of over 300 Galena residences.

The expansion is occurring in two locations throughout Galena. The first is down Wood Street from 15th Street to 21st Street, including the King’s Circle addition and Southern Oaks. The second area is the new Galena Estates apartment complex on Stateline Road. Each unit will have fiber-optic service from Optic.

Construction in the first area (near Wood Street) will begin June 27th and will take approximately 60 days to complete, weather permitting. Galena Estates will be ready for service as soon as the first resident moves in.

Both network expansions have been driven by demand, which can be expressed through the company’s website. Once a neighborhood expresses enough demand, that neighborhood will typically get the network constructed.

“We’re excited to constantly expand our Galena network, and want to thank the residents in these areas for expressing enough demand to make it happen,” stated Optic marketing manager Nick Saporito.

The Optic network offers phone, cable TV and broadband internet service. The company also recently launched Gigabit internet service, price-matching what Google Fiber offers in the Kansas City metro area for the same service. Residents interested in the services may express interest by clicking here.

A video explaining how Optic residential service works, can be viewed below:

HBO GO Now Available

Optic is pleased to announce that subscribers of HBO now have access to HBO GO included with their subscription! HBO GO allows you to watch HBO’s library of movies and original series on-demand through the HBO GO app. The HBO GO app can be found on numerous devices, including some smart TV’s and Apple TV.

Using the service is easy. Simply download the HBO GO app on your smartphone or tablet, select “watchTVEverywhere” as your service provider (Columbus Telephone Company is NOT listed) and login with your WatchTVEverywhere account. If you do not already have a WatchTVEverywhere account, you may sign up for one by clicking here. Simply select “Columbus Telephone” from the drop-down menu.

HBO GO joins our new all-HD lineup of HBO channels. We recently upgraded all of our premium movie channels to high definition to improve the customer experience.

Should you have any questions regarding using the HBO GO service, do not hesitate to contact us.