Earn a $100 Credit when you add Cable TV to your Home Internet!

Are you thinking about adding cable TV to your home internet but can’t quite decide? Optic Communications is here to help! During the month of July, Optic is offering a $100 bill-in credit to current internet subscribers who wish to add cable TV by switching to an Optic Entertainment pack! You can check out all of the packs here, we have options to fit any budget! Choosing a pack allows you to save money (up to $255 a year vs. a la carte) and gives you one easy bill!

Customer must currently have residential internet service and upgrade to new pack offering. This does not apply to Essentials. Pre-payment rules still apply. $100 credit will be applied on September bill unless otherwise specified. Customer must not have had cable TV with Optic Communications after 12/31/2016.

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