If you subscribe to our Whole-Home DVR service, you can watch and record shows from every cable box in the house.  If that stops working, please perform the following:

1) Hit the “B” button on the remote of the small cable box.  If your recorded shows are NOT listed, proceed to the next step.

2) Go to your DVR box (the big cable box with numbers on the front) and pull the power cord from the back of the box.

3) After a few seconds, plug the power cord back in and wait 5-10 minutes so that the box can sync back up.

4) Go to your small box and hit the “B” button again.  Your recorded content should now show up.

NOTE: Sometimes after electric glitches, the boxes can’t see each other.  The above steps will allow the boxes to communicate with each other again.  If that does not help, please contact us.

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