It’s tough to run a business when your Internet is unreliable and slow – that’s where we come in. With our 100% buried fiber-optic network, reliability is our top priority.

The following pricing is available to customers in select areas of Pittsburg, KS, Galena, KS, Riverton, KS and Baxter Springs, KS where our fiber network currently resides.


Basic Business Internet

  • Preferred 20
  • Do you have a few devices online at once? With 20 Mbps up and down, this service is perfect if you are running a few computers on your network.
  • Ultra 100
  • With 100 Mbps up and down, this will satisfy even your large data transfers, and a plethora of devices running several applications simultaneously.
  • Mega 1000
  • This is truly the fastest in the AREA!! With 1000 Mbps, up and down, it will handle anything you can throw at it. Monthly router fee may be required.