Private Line Ethernet Features and Benefits

Privacy and Security: Your business’ most sensitive data is transferred via a dedicated, high-capacity, point-to-point connection at native Ethernet speeds.

Simplicity: Get the simplicity and scalability of Ethernet for your private data networking needs.

Reliable Performance: Supports reliability through 99.999% POP-to-POP service up time and automated switching to protect your data path. Count on Optic Communications for high-capacity guaranteed availability, bandwidth, and continuous network monitoring. High Quality of Service (QoS), backed by CTC’s redundant core network.

Control Costs: Save on capital and ongoing expenses, while enjoying quick solution deployment.

Optic Communications Private Line Ethernet service lets you transmit sensitive, mission-critical data among your business locations at speeds up to 10 GBps without sacrificing security or speed, with the simplicity and scalability of Ethernet technology. Private Line Ethernet (PLE) is the ideal solution for handling mission-critical applications and activities, including:

  • High-Capacity and Redundant Data Center Connectivity

    Using cloud-based services? The consistent, high quality bandwidth of PLE is a perfect match.

  • Reduced Latency vs Typical Alternatives

    With PLE you aren’t sharing bandwidth with all the houses on the block. This means reduced latency times over your dedicated fiber-optic connection.

  • Consistent Bandwidth for a Multitude of End User Devices

    Servers, workstations, tablets, smartphones…we’ve all got ’em. PLE packs the bandwidth to power ’em!

  • Dedicated IPv4 Addresses with Future IPv6 Capability

    Static IP assignments are included with all PLE connections. We also already have IPv6…..when everyone is ready.

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Included

    All Optic PLE clients fall under a Service Level Agreement protecting your business of outages.

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