Last Call! Galena/Riverton Fiber Install Cost Going Increasing

If you live in areas of Galena and Riverton, KS in which Optic already has service: the time to sign up is NOW! On July 17, 2017 we will be increasing our residential fiber installation charge from $100 to $250 in these areas. Many of these areas have had service from Optic for over two years now and as we move on to new projects it is more costly to come back and install additional fiber services.

Please click here to verify if your address is serviceable by Optic today. If so, be sure to sign up by 7/17/17 to take advantage of the $100 fiber installation charge. All blue and purple areas on the map are currently $100 residential install. They will all go to $250 on the 17th.

Why is Optic increasing the installation charge? 

As we move on to new projects that are further from these areas, it is more challenging to mobilize construction assets back to existing areas. Many of these areas have had the option of getting services from Optic for over two years now. 

What if I’m under contract with my current Internet/TV provider? 

No problem! You may go ahead and pay the $100 fiber install charge to get a fiber-optic line buried to your house, then sign up for services from us later at no additional cost. 

What about locations outside of these areas? 

Any new areas we turn up in Galena or Riverton, KS in the future will always start out with a $100 fiber install charge. 

Why should I get fiber to my home? 

In addition to having faster, more reliable services, having a fiber-optic cable to your home increases the value of your home by an average of 3%

What if my home already has a fiber drop from Optic? 

Great! The installation charge only applies to homes that do NOT have an Optic fiber drop. If you already have one, there are no additional installation fees. 


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