Managed Wi-Fi offered through Optic Communications!

Tired of constantly worrying about your home Wi-Fi? Optic Communications now offers managed Wi-Fi services for residential customers! If you don’t want to deal will maintenance and  never ending updates, this the program for you. Optic will take care of all software updates and maintenance of your new Gigacenter router. For only $6 a month (or only $2 if you already have Gigabit), you can have commercial-grade wireless internet throughout your home! Our router is the top router than we tested, and we tested a whole lot of them, for the highest Wi-Fi speed. We highly recommend this service to anyone that already has Gigabit as most routers can’t handle the incredibly fast speeds we offer. Having the Gigacenter router can also make you a better neighbor! Regular routers interfere with each other and slow everything down, but when you and your neighbors all have our routers there is no interference! You will receive the same great service that you deserve!


  • Bring industry-grade wireless Internet to your home
  • All software updates and maintenance performed by Optic, saving you extra work!
  • No hassle – the router is our problem
  • Forget your Wi-Fi password? We can reset it for you
  • We’ve tested dozens of routers…this one offers the highest Wi-Fi speeds
  • Control your router with the NetValet app

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