Movie: Wizard of Lies

As if the Great Recession in itself wasn’t enough of a financial crisis to deal with, billionaire investor Bernie Madoff made it worse for millions. Madoff owned and operated a investment brokerage firm in New York City; a firm notorious for its never-ending positive returns for its clients. Well, the financial crisis ended the firm’s upward trajectory by uncovering Madoff’s now infamous Ponzi scheme.

The Wizard of Lies is a movie staring Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer detailing Madoff’s fall in 2008. The film details Madoff’s strategy and how he evaded law enforcement for decades despite numerous red flags popping up regarding his investments over the years. Following his collapse, the film also covers his trial and 150 year prison sentence. 

This is a great movie for those who like the “docu-drama” genre; basically dramatized versions of real history. It’s also a film that teaches the valuable lesson associated with business ethics.

The Wizard of Lies launched on HBO on May 20th. You can still catch it now periodically on HBO’s suite of channels or on-demand on HBOGO, which is complementary with your HBO subscription.

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