Showtime Peers Into Russia’s Putin

Russia has certainly been a hot topic in the news lately. Showtime is going to offer up an even closer look inside the country with a week-long special they’re calling The Putin Interviews. The series is led by award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone, who was given unprecedented access to Russian President Valdimir Putin.

The four-part documentary covers every aspect of Putin, from childhood to his relationship with four different U.S. presidents. Oliver Stone conducted more than a dozen interviews with Putin over the last two years to generate the documentary for Showtime. Showtime is calling the series the most detailed interview Putin has ever provided to any Western media.

The documentary series begins tonight at 8:00 PM on Showtime (channel 600) and continues through June 15th. At the conclusion, the series will be available online via Showtime Anytime, free to Showtime subscribers.


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