The Ranch returns to Netflix June 16th!

The popular Netflix original show The Ranch returns for season 3 on June 16th! Be sure to also check out the new trailer for the upcoming season. If you have missed the first two seasons, have no fear as they are currently on Netflix streaming. The shows will seem familiar to anyone that was a fan of FOX’s ever-popular That 70’s Show, many actors that starred during it’s run also have recurring roles on The Ranch.

The Ranch tells the story of the Bennett’s as they struggle to keep the family ranch. It stars Sam Elliott (Up in the Air, Tombstone) as Beau, the patriarch of the Bennett family. That 70’s Show actors Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson play Colt and Rooster Bennett, the only Bennett children. If you are looking for a show that portrays all-too-real struggles of life and can make you laugh at the same time, this is the show for you! Make sure that you catch The Ranch on Netflix, coming to Optic HUB!

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