Optic Brings Voice Control, Netflix to Optic HUB

Optic Communications is announcing the next-generation of its Optic HUB product, bringing Amazon Alexa voice control and Netflix to the cable TV environment. The new product is launching on November 15th to all current HUB subscribers. Optic will be among the first pay TV providers in the U.S. to offer Alexa support.

In addition to new features, the update is bringing an all-new user interface. The new design is modern and easier for subscribers to navigate to find their favorite content on HUB.

“We often focus on our fiber-optic network, but our organization is innovating from top to bottom. We’re very proud to be among the first companies to offer Alexa voice control,” said Optic Marketing Manager Nick Saporito.

After the update, HUB subscribers will be able to pair it to their existing Amazon Alexa devices. Once paired, Alexa will control HUB through voice controls. Changing the channel, finding a specific movie and other tasks can then be controlled without a remote.

“HUB subscribers will now be able to find their content through voice control, HUB’s existing mobile application, or with the traditional remote,” added Saporito.

Launched earlier this summer, Optic HUB is the company’s premium cable TV product. HUB converges traditional cable TV with subscriber’s favorite online content, such as Pandora, YouTube and now Netflix all into one user experience.

Customers interested in subscribing to Optic HUB should contact us today!

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