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Phone service doesn’t have to be laden with random fees and poor customer service! Switch to Optic’s super-reliable digital phone service, and even bring your current number with you. No fees on a SIMPLE bill from a company who pioneered dial tone in the 1900’s.


As an Internet provider, our goal is for our customers to never have to think about us. Internet should just work – like electricity service. With our Gigabit fiber-optic network, you can stream your 4K video, game all you want, and much more…and hopefully never think about how it all works.


“Rain fade”, “introductory price”..yeah, we don’t play those games. Our cable TV service has stunning video and audio quality, Whole Home DVR, and a great channel lineup! We even allow you to watch most channels on the go, from anywhere with our TV Everywhere platform!!


Our competitors like to force you to “bundle” so that you take services you don’t want. We’ve tried to develop our PACKS with services our customers actually want, like super fast Internet , “packed” with our cable, without a phone line. A novel concept in our industry. Check ’em out!

Optic Communications, part of Columbus Telephone Company, is a different kind of telecom. We’re expanding Columbus Telephone’s world-class fiber-optic network to new areas of the 4-States. Through a 100% buried fiber-optic network, we can provide customers some of the fastest Internet speeds in the region, enterprise customers with specialized connectivity, Cable TV service, digital phone service and much more.

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