All Optic cable TV customers gain free access to TV Everywhere. TVE allows you to use most content provider “apps” to watch your favorite shows both live on demand via the Internet. Follow the instructions below to register your TVE account, then click the network (channel) you are looking for to enjoy your content on your Apple or Android device!


    Watch many of your favorite shows on-demand from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


    No need to pay Netflix to watch last season’s episodes – watch the latest for FREE with your Cable TV subscription!


    Subscribe to our movie channels? Access mega libraries of movie content on-demand through HBOGO, MAXGO, Starz Play, and more.

How to use it.

If you subscribe to our Cable TV service, you may access TV Everywhere FREE with your cable! Simply go to and register an account. Select OPTIC COMMUNICATIONS as your provider, then click REGISTER.

Please note that you will need your Optic Communications account number. This can be found on your monthly bill from us. The first name and last initial must match what is on your account with us.

Once registered, you may watch all the channels listed below. Just click the channel icon for direct links to download the app!