Fiber Service in Pittsburg, Kansas

We are currently deploying our fiber-optic network in Pittsburg, Kansas. Below are a few things to note about us, our Pittsburg network, and what to do if you’re interested in hearing more!

Who We Are.

As part of Columbus Telephone Company, we’re local to Southeast Kansas. In fact, we’ve been in business since 1905 – so you could say we’re here to stay. Optic is expanding Columbus Telephone’s world-class network to new areas, including Pittsburg!

Our Pittsburg network is being planned and designed for residential services, however at this time we’re deploying to Pittsburg businesses.

What We Do.

Columbus Telephone was one of the first 100% fiber-optic networks in the Nation back in 2004, so fiber is our business to the core. Our network excels at providing all kinds of custom connectivity solutions for enterprise customers, so if you have a business in Pittsburg, you may want to take note of the benefits of our network:

  • Region’s #1 Internet Provider

    Google Video Quality Report consistently ranks our network #1 in the state of Kansas. Actually they rank us higher than their own Google Fiber service…

  • Geographic & Network Level Redundancy

    Our enterprise network has gone nearly 3 years with zero down-time. That means your business is always running on our network.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We’ve talked to many businesses in Pittsburg already. They’ve liked our pricing.

  • Custom Solutions

    Many enterprises today need more than just fast Internet. They need private connections to remote offices, voice PRI’s, and more. We develop custom solutions that meet the needs of any enterprise client.


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